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Xixa (Giant Sand / Tinariwen) - Xixa (Giant Sand / Tinariwen)

Xixa (Giant Sand / Tinariwen) - Bloodline Artist Xixa (Giant Sand / Tinariwen)
Title Bloodlines
The desert has a frequency, a sound you can hear in the wilds around Tucson or the southern reaches of the Sahara. XIXA tunes in and warps it, in glittering, gritty tracks on their debut album, Bloodline, an expansion on their recent EP Shift + Shadow. The band hails from the Tucson indie rock scene, core members Brian Lopez and Gabriel Sullivan are also members of Giant Sand and play with the likes of William Sedlmayr and Calexico. XIXA wanders far and wide, into the psychedelia of Amazon backwaters, the bumping grind of cumbia, quirky electronics and West African desert blues (Tamashek rock legend Tinariwen’s Sadam Iyad Imarhan collaborated with XIXA to write "World Goes Away"). At turns rough and raw, scintillating and ethereal, the band evokes the stark magic and eeriness of the desert, in tracks that sound effortless, despite disparate source materials.

NB LP includes a CD copy of the album.

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