Welsh Acts

Kentucky AFC - KUTOSIS

Kentucky AFC - Iasobe? Artist Kentucky AFC
Title Iasobe?
Label Boobytrap
5 track CD EP

Y Salwch
Y Gwan a i ffydd
Un ffordd
+ Format: CD
Price: £3.99

Kentucky AFC Outlaw Artist Kentucky AFC
Title Outlaw (CD single)
Label Remote Control
 Distinctively produced and engineered by Gorwel Owen at Stiwdio Ofn, we’re transported from Pwlleli to Texas - one imagines that dirty ponchos and heel spurs suit band members Endaf, Huw and Gethin well. They exact revenge upon their foe before rocking it out in a blaze of furious yet precise instrument-bashing, angry young cowperson style.
+ Format: CD
Price: £2.99

Keys - Ring The Changes Artist Keys
Title Ring The Changes (WMP15)
Label See Monkey Do Monkey

Welsh psych-slackers KEYS’ new album, Ring the Changes, is a12 strong-song journey through their influences from across the pond, think Stooges, Violent Femmes, Velvets, Sly Stone, Jonathan Richman.

Matth Keys, “We called the album Ring the Changes because it felt like a new band. We had a new drummer, new approach and the songs just flew out!”

Ring the Changes does indeed have the urgency and immediacy of a debut album. However this album continues the lo-fi explorations of previous releases Fire Inside (2009) and Bitten by Wolves (2011). Recorded in one weekend on 8 track tape by kindred lo-fi spirit Pixy Jones from El Goodo, Ring the Changes shuns sonic trickery for blistering performances with minimal overdubs.

+ Format: 2LP
Price: £17.99

Kids In Glass Houses - Dirt Artist Kids In Glass Houses
Title Dirt (SALE PRICE £3)
Label RoadRunner
Following their critically acclaimed debut, ’Dirt’ is the second album from Welsh pop-punkers Kids In Glass Houses. The band draw upon a wide array of influences - from the sunny pop tone of the Beach Boys to the hardcore style of Glassjaw - to conjure an album of massive guitar hooks and big sing-a-long choruses. The two singles precede the album, ’Young Blood (Let It Out)’ and ’Matters At All’ benefit from the full production from Romesh Dodangoda (Funeral For A Friend, The Blackout).
+ Format: CD
Price: £3.00

Kids In Glass Houses - Peace Artist Kids In Glass Houses
Title Peace
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Kids In Glass Houses - Smart Casual Artist Kids In Glass Houses
Title Smart Casual (SALE PRICE £3)
+ Format: CD
Price: £3.00

Klaus Kinski - Skeleton Horse Artist Klaus Kinski
Title Skeleton Horse
Label Ankst Music
Debut album on ANKST MUSIK. "They make the most unhinged and primal racket that I have ever heard. It’s mercurial and surreal: the Birthday Party fronted by a
psychotic Spike Milligan. If you like your music unstable, bust into a thousand unexpected shapes and ultimately thrilling, this band are for you." - Adam Walton
+ Format: CD
Price: £10.99

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