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David Rawlings (Dave Rawlings Machine) - Christopher Rees

Rawlings. David (Dave Rawlings Machine) - Poor Davids Almanack Artist David Rawlings (Dave Rawlings Machine)
Title Poor David's Almanack [CD Out Now // LP due September]
Label Acony
Guitar man David Rawlings leaves the Machine moniker behind for his third album, 
‘Poor David’s Almanack’, a wry mixture of acoustic and electric performances rich in ageless American vernacular. 
Gloriously captured on analogue tape by studio wizards Ken Scott and Matt Andrews, the ten new songs took shape in a rollicking weeklong session at Woodland Sound Studios in Nashville, Tennessee where Rawlings and longtime compatriot Gillian Welch joined together with Willie Watson, Paul Kowert, Brittany Haas, Ketch Secor, and Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith to produce an album for all seasons. 
This release marks the 8th studio collaboration between Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. Their creative partnership spans over two decades and includes the GRAMMY-nominated The Harrow and the Harvest (2011), the much lauded and latest Rawlings release, Nashville Obsolete, which landed on numerous 2015 year-end best-of lists, and the 2001 GRAMMY-nominated masterpiece Time (The Revelator).

LTD LP = Deluxe 180g LP + MP3

+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

+ Format: LTD LP
Price: £26.99

Ray, Gemma - Lights Out Zoltar! Artist Gemma Ray
Title Lights Out Zoltar!
Label Bronzerat
Mojo magazine have embraced Gemma Ray and are touting her as Britain’s most important singer / songwriter. She contributed a beautiful version of George Harrison’s ‘Long, Long, Long’ on Mojo’s 40th Anniversary White Album CD and also soundtracked the acclaimed horror film Mum & Dad, starring Perry Benson. Her fans include Jimmy Page, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Beth Orton, Seasick Steve and many more.
+ Format: CD
Price: £8.99

Reader, Eddie - Peace Time Artist Eddi Reader
Title Peacetime
Label Rough Trade
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Real Estate - Atlas Artist Real Estate
Title Atlas
Label Domino
‘Atlas’, the new album by New Jersey’s Real Estate, is a triumph of highly evocative, perceptive songwriting and graceful, precise musicianship.
‘Atlas’ is intimate and spare. It conjures quiet, late night drives down wooded highways, rural rambles with friends (and maybe a love interest) on the sunniest afternoons of the year, and hazy summer evenings spent alone, thinking back to those times and the people who were with you for them.

+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

+ Format: LP
Price: £16.99

Real Estate - In Mind Artist Real Estate
Title In Mind
Label Domino
On In Mind, the fourth full-length record from Real Estate, the band fine-tunes the winsome songwriting and profound earnestness that made previous albums - 2009’s Real Estate, 2011’s Days, and 2014’s Atlas - so beloved. Recorded in Los Angeles with producer Cole M. Greif-Neill (Julia Holter, Beck), In Mind delivers the same kind of warmth and soft-focus narratives that one has come to expect from the band - pastoral guitars, elegantly deployed arrangements, a sort of mindful melancholy - but there is also a newly adventurous sonic edge to the proceedings. 

It offers a mild shifting of the gears, positing a band engaged in the push/pull of burgeoning adulthood. Reflecting a change in lineup, changes in geography, and a general desire to move forward without looking back, the record casts the band in a new light - one that replaces the wistful ennui of teenage suburbia with an equally complicated adult version.

+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

+ Format: LP
Price: £16.99

Title Days
Label Domino
A gorgeously melancholy, autumnal suite of understated pop songs bringing to mind the subtle majesty of fellow NJ outfit The Feelies, Felt and early REM, the group’s first release for Domino is a perfect maturation of the promise suggested by their quietly adored eponymous debut in 2009.
180g LP includes MP3 dpwnload.
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

+ Format: LP
Price: £16.99

Artist Real
Title Give Me A Reason
Label smooch
Two phenomenal talents, Louise Pollock and Winston Rollins, make up the core of real which is both project and band. They have created a style which is a unique fusion of soul, funk, rock, jazz with other elements intertwined (even disco on one track!), it has yielded music which is both accessible and commercial but has strong, credible jazz roots. They compliment each other perfectly, coming from different backgrounds but united in their love and commitment to their music
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication Artist Red Hot Chili Peppers
Title Californication
Label Warner
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Title I'm With You
Label Warner Bros
I’m With You follows a two year hiatus for RHCP, during which time bassist Flea studied music theory and learnt piano, which had a large influence on the album’s sound.
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.49

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium (2CD Digipack) Artist Red Hot Chili Peppers
Title Stadium Arcadium
Label Warners

No need to say anything about this, it’s the highly anticipated album. It’s got that Dani California single on it too. Double CD, 28 tracks.

+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Getaway Artist Red Hot Chili Peppers
Title The Getaway
Label Warner
One of the most successful acts in rock history, Red Hot Chili Peppers have sold more than 60 million albums, including five multi-platinum LPs, and won six Grammy Awards. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 2012.

"The Getaway" is their 11th studio album and was produced by Danger Mouse and mixed by Nigel Godrich.
+ Format: CD
Price: £10.99

+ Format: 2LP
Price: £27.99

Red House Painters - Down Colorful Hill Artist Red House Painters
Title Down Colorful Hill
Label 4AD
1. Twenty four
2. Medicine bottle
3. Down colorful hill
4. Japanese to English
5. Lord kill the pain
6. Michael
+ Format: CD
Price: £7.99

Red Red Meat - Bunny Gets Paid Artist Red Red Meat
Title Bunny Gets Paid
Label Sub Pop
Red Red Meat’s third full-length record, 1995’s Bunny Gets Paid has been out of print and unavailable for the past several years. Luckily Sub Pop have issued this, one of their highest points in the catalog along with a bonus disc containing 7 extra tracks.
+ Format: 2CD
Price: £10.99

Red Sparowes - Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun Artist Red Sparowes
Title Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun
Label Neurot
Epic Ambient Post Metal... features members of ISIS & Neurosis, VVS and Pleasure Forever.
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer that item on our site at the moment. Please contact us to enquire about purchasing it offline.

Reed, Lou - Berlin Artist Lou Reed
Title Berlin
Label RCA
1. Berlin
2. Lady Day
3. Men Of Good Fortune
4. Caroline Says I
5. How Do You Think It Feels
6. Oh, Jim
7. Caroline Says II
8. The Kids
9. The Bed
10. Sad Song
+ Format: CD
Price: £4.99

Reed, Lou - Metal Machine Music Artist Lou Reed
Title Metal Machine Music
Label RCA
1. Metal Machine Music Part I
2. Metal Machine Music Part II
3. Metal Machine Music Part III
4. Metal Machine Music Part IV
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

Reed, Lou - New York Artist Lou Reed
Title New York
Label Sire
1. Romeo Had Juliet
2. Halloween Parade
3. Dirty Blvd.
4. Endless Cycle
5. There Is No Time
6. Last Great American Whale
7. Beginning Of A Great Mystery
8. Busload Of Faith
9. Sick Of You
10. Hold On
11. Good Evening Mr. Waldheim
12. Xmas In February
13. Strawman
14. Dime Store Mystery
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

Reed, Lou - Rock n Roll Animal Artist Lou Reed
Title Rock n Roll Animal
Label RCA
1. Intro / Sweet Jane
2. Heroin
3. How Do You Think It Feels
4. Caroline Says I
5. White Light / White Heat
6. Lady Day
7. Rock ’N’ Roll
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

Reed, Lou - Take No Prisoners live 2CD Artist Lou Reed
Title Take No Prisoners (live 2CD)
Label Arista
1. Sweet Jane
2. I Wanna Be Black
3. Satellite Of Love
4. Pale Blue Eyes
5. Berlin
6. I’m Waiting For My Man
Disc 2
1. Coney Island Baby
2. Street Hassle
3. Walk On The Wild Side
4. Leave Me Alone  
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

Reed, Lou - Transformer Artist Lou Reed
Title Transformer
Label RCA
1. Vicious
2. Andy’s Chest
3. Perfect Day
4. Hangin’ Round
5. Walk On The Wild Style
6. Make Up
7. Satellite Of Love
8. Wagon Wheel
9. New York Telephone Conversation
10. I’m So Free
11. Goodnight Ladies
Bonus Tracks
12. Hangin’ Round (Previously Unreleased Acoustic Version)
13. Perfect Day (Previously Unreleased Acoustic Version)
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

Reed, Lou / John Cale - Songs for Drella Artist Lou Reed / John Cale
Title Songs for Drella
Label WEA
1. Smalltown
2. Open House
3. Style It Takes
4. Work
5. Trouble With Classicists
6. Starlight
7. Faces And Names
8. Images
9. Slip Away (A Warning)
10. It Wasn’t Me
11. I Believe
12. Nobody But You
13. A Dream
14. Forever Changed
15. Hello It’s Me
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

Reed, Lou The Bells Artist Lou Reed
Title The Bells
Label RCA
 1  Stupid Man 
 2  Disco Mystic
 3  I Want To Boogie With You  
 4  With You  
 5  Looking For You  
 6  City Lights  
 7  All Through The Night  
 8  Families  
  9  Bells
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

Reel Big Fish - Monkeys for Nuthin, The Chimps for Free Artist Reel Big Fish
Title Monkeys for Nuthin, The Chimps for Free
Label RRM
20 brand new tracks CD + BONUS DVD !!!
+ Format: CD
Price: £10.99

Reel Big Fish - Our Live Album is better than your live album Artist Reel Big Fish
Title Our Live Album is better than your live album
Label Rock Ridge
+ Format: 2CD/1DVD
Price: £11.99

Rees, Christopher - Cautionary Tales Artist Christopher Rees
Title Cautionary Tales
Label Red Eye Music
RELEASED 3rd September 2007, this is the third album by Cardiff-based Christopher Rees.
+ Format: CD
Price: £6.99

Rees, Christopher - The Nashville Songs Artist Christopher Rees
Title The Nashville Songs
Label Red Eye
" An increasingly accomplished songwriter in full flight" (MOJO). Welsh singer-songwriter Christopher Rees returns with his long awaited new album, ’The Nashville Songs’ on 30th June 2017 - an inspired collection of songs co-written with some of ’Music City’s finest writers. Over 4 years since the critically acclaimed 2013 album ’Stand Fast’, ’The Nashville Songs’ displays a real maturity towards his craft while maintaining his individual sound and style. After first stepping onto the legendary Music Row back in 2009 Rees continued to make annual visits to Nashville to write and soon accumulated a healthy batch of songs that would became this his 7th full length album. As a singer-songwriter who has toured with and earned the respect of ’Country Outlaw’ legends like Steve Earle and Billy Joe Shaver, (who, actually inspired the song ’A Place Upon My Face’) Christopher Rees has always written alone, finding his own distinct voice and path through music. The initial collaborative experience, although new and somewhat daunting, was exciting and immediately rewarding. Working with a diverse range of Nashville based writers, Rick Brantley, Mando Saenz, Amy Speace, Vida Wakeman and Sandy Cherryholmes (who’s CVs boast some serious country credentials, including songs for big hitters Miranda Lambert, LeAnne Womack, John Fullbright and regular favourites at The Grand Old Opry) the results were proof positive that the process was working. Recorded back home in Wales with drummer Dan Tilbury (Redlands Palomino Company), Rees plays almost everything else on perhaps his most accomplished album to date. Informed by the inspiration he found in Nashville with its rich history of country and folk music, the 14 songs assembled here provide a coherent insight into his dynamic, passionate and profound talents.
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

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