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MC5 - Megadeth

MC5 - Thunder Express Artist MC5
Title Thunder Express
Label Jungle
1. Kick Out The Jams
2. Empty Heart
3. Ramblin’ Rose
4. Thunder Express
5. Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa
6. Motor City Is Burning
7. I Can Only Give You Everything
8. I Just Don’t Know
9. Looking At You
10. Borderline
+ Format: CD
Price: £8.49

McCartney - Band On the Run (2CD/DVD) Artist Paul McCartney & Wings
Title Band On The Run (2D+CD/DVD)

Originally released in 1973, ’Band On The Run’ is an album from Paul McCartney & Wings - including the likes of Linda McCartney, Denny Laine of The Moody Blues and Ginger Baker from Cream. Featuring the classic title track as well as ’Jet’, ’Band On The Run’ is classic McCartney. Remastered and including a bonus CD of tracks and a DVD of videos and band footage, this re-issue is the perfect way to celebrate such a superb record.

+ Format: 2CD/1DVD
Price: £12.99

McCartney, Paul - Pure McCartney Artist Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
Title Pure McCartney
Label Virgin EMI
This is the only comprehensive career collection released of Paul McCartney’s solo works (outside of the The Beatles) from his 45 year solo career.
The collection was personally curated by Paul McCartney and many tracks have been remastered for this collection.
+ Format: 2CD
Price: £11.99

+ Format: 4CD
Price: £26.99

McCombs, Cass - Big Wheel and Others Artist Cass McCombes
Title Big Wheel And Others [2CD]
Label Domino
+ Format: 2CD
Price: £10.99

McCombs, Cass - Mangy Love Artist Cass McCombs
Title Mangy Love
Label Anti
Over the past decade, Cass McCombs has established himself as one of our premier songwriters. It’s a career that’s twisted and turned, from style to subject, both between records and within them. His new record, “Mangy Love,” ventures into realms of experimental soul, twisted psychedelia, and straight-up rock, resulting in a sound that articulates his live show better than ever before. 
Thematically, it’s far darker, tackling heavy issues through McCombs’ uniquely cracked lens of (oftentimes hilarious) lyrical wit and acumen toward subtlety. 
Hip-hop and Beat poetry influences have never been more evident, with several songs employing a speechstyle and clever fast-paced wordplay. There are guest appearances by many fellow musicians of his tribe ranging from Angel Olsen to Blake Mills, under the production of veteran Rob Schnapf, and the overall result is his most immediate and upbeat record to date.
+ Format: CD
Price: £10.99

+ Format: 2LP
Price: £19.99

McGuire, Mark - Along the Way Artist Mark McGuire
Title Along the Way
Label Dead Oceans
Mark McGuire was previously a member of the critically acclaimed drone band Emeralds.
From the mid-western underground consciousness, guitarist / producer Mark McGuire emerges with his forthcoming ‘Along The Way’ album. The conceptual album details the inner journey of an individual seeking definition and enlightenment.
For those following McGuire’s musical ascent thus far, the record is a culmination of a prodigious and prolific artist.
Playing with a wide variety of instruments and styles on ‘Along The Way’, McGuire presents his unique vision of modern psychedelia. Using electric and acoustic guitars, a Talkbox, drum machine, a mandolin and lots in between, McGuire conducts a sonic exploration of the inner self.
+ Format: 2LP
Price: £15.99

+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

McKenna, Declan - What Do You Think About The Car? Artist Declan McKenna
Title What Do You Think About The Car?
Label Columbia
Debut album from 18 year-old singer-song writer Declan McKenna and features the singles ‘Brazil’, ‘Isombard’ & ‘The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home’. A former Glastonbury emerging talent competition winner, McKenna emerged out of 2016 as one of the UK’s hottest new artists and was longlisted for the BBC’s Sound of 2017 poll & featured in one’s to watch lists by publications including NME, The Telegraph, The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Star & more. With stand-out TV performances on Later... with Jools Holland & chat shows Conan and Colbert in the US already under his belt, 2017 looks set to be the year he lives up to his reputation as the “the social musical conscience of gen z” (i-D) & shares his music with the world.

+ Format: CD
Price: £8.99

Mclusky - Mclusky Do Dallas Artist Mclusky
Title Mclusky Do Dallas RSD12
Label Too Pure
Mclusky Do Dallas 
LP orange vinyl
Qty: 1000 copies
Label: Too Pure

No copies currently available on CD so what are you waiting for?!
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer that item on our site at the moment. Please contact us to enquire about purchasing it offline.

McRae, Tom - Did I Sleep And Miss The Border? Artist Tom McRae
Title Did I Sleep And Miss The Border?
Label Buzzard Tree
Recorded in Wales, Los Angeles, and Somerset this is Mercury and Brit nominated McRae’s 7th studio album, and is the follow up to 2013’s critically acclaimed "From The Lowlands".

Featuring his international band, this new album of soulful alternative Folk/Americana has been garnering rave reviews.

**** MOJO "A dark triumph"
**** Q Magazine "finds real beauty in despair"
8/10 UNCUT, "a thrilling air of doom...beautiful"
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - Ruin Johnny’s Bar Mitzvah cd Artist First & The Gimme Gimmes
Title Ruin Johnny’s Bar Mitzvah (live)
Label Fat Wreck
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

Me First and The Gimme Gimmes - Are A Drag Artist Me First and The Gimme Gimmes
Title Are A Drag
+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

Me First and The Gimme Gimmes - Blow In The Wind Artist Me First and The Gimme Gimmes
Title Blow In The Wind
+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

Me First and The Gimme Gimmes - Love Their Country Artist Me First and The Gimme Gimmes
Title Love Their Country
Label Fat Wreck
...and they do. Covers of The Eagles, Dolly Parton, and sleeve pictures of grown men dressed as cowboys. What more could you want?
+ Format: CD
Price: £10.49

Meatbodies - Alice Artist Meatbodies
Title Alice
Label In The Red
With Alice, Meatbodies return ascending toward ground level. A “heavy-pop” concept, metal on molly. Chad Ubovich, Patrick Nolan, and Kevin Boog step out in new form, soaring through diverse stories, tones, and characters. Dancing between quiet and loud, funk and doom, pop and noise. Their message preached is celestial and deafening, a sacred scripture for today’s world: a warbling rhodes piano, a liquifying electric guitar, a ghostly synthesizer skating across the sands of a twelve-stringed acoustic. The band digs deep into the rich soils of Earth to reveal the chaotic sensual vibrations underneath the fields we walk upon. Connecting our limbs, our mouths, our consciousness to the microcosms of the grime, all while being lit by black light. Captured wriggling and alive in San Francisco by Ubovich and Eric Bauer at The Bauer Mansion, this album is a step in the right direction, a new direction, a new way of thinking. Watching the futures, watching the world burn.
+ Format: LP
Price: £21.99

+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

Artist Medicine Head
Title New Bottles Old Medicine
Label Cherry Red
+ Format: CD
Price: £7.99

Meek, Joe - I Hear A New World RSD17 Artist Joe Meek
Title I Hear A New World [RSD17]
Label Poppy Disc
Limited white vinyl edition of 500.
#4 in Uncut’s "Wierdest Albums Of All Time" - March 2017 issue.
" outer space music fantasy by Joe Meek"
A classic of incredibly strange music, electronica, pre Beatles Britpop, or all of the above...however you slice it, I Hear A New World was and is the masterpiece of that left field master of sound, Joe Meek...recorded as usual partly at home with secret equipment, and partly at the state of the art Lansdowne studio he pretty much designed, it is a full on spectacular action stereo extravaganza, almost unknown in British pop recordings of the time and for many years beautifully remastered, and restored to its original track sequence as planned and advertised by Meek when he marketed it as an ideal stereo test recording for hi toned hifi shops....only an ep of less than half the assembled work was originally here it is, on VINYL as it was meant to be heard....

LTD LP = White Vinyl!

+ Format: LTD LP
Price: £19.99

Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction Artist Megadeth
Title Countdown to Extinction
Label Capitol
 1.  Skin O’ My Teeth
  2.  Symphony Of Destruction
  3.  Architecture Of Aggression
  4.  Foreclosure Of A Dream
  5.  Sweating Bullets
  6.  This Was My Life
  7.  Countdown To Extinction
  8.  High Speed Dirt
  9.  Psychotron
10.  Captive Honour
11.  Ashes In Your Mouth
12.  Crown Of Worms
13.  Countdown To Extinction
14.  Symphony Of Destruction
15.  Psychotron
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

Artist Megadeth
Title So Far So Good...So What!
Label EMI
1. Into The Lungs Of Hell
2. Set The World Afire
3. Anarchy In The U.K.
4. Mary Jane
5. 502
6. In My Darkest Hour
7. Liar
8. Hook In Mouth
Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks
9. Into The Lungs Of Hell (Paul Lani Mix)
10. Set The World Afire (Paul Lani Mix)
11. Mary Jane (Paul Lani Mix)
12. In My Darkest Hour (Paul Lani Mix)
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

Megadeth - United Abominations Artist Megadeth
Title United Abominations
Label Roadrunner
+ Format: CD
Price: £10.99

Megadeth Cryptic Writings Artist Megadeth
Title Cryptic Writings
Label Capitol
  1. Trust
  2. Almost Honest
  3. Use The Man
  4. Mastermind
  5. The Disintegrators
  6. I’ll Get Even
  7. Sin
  8. A Secret Place
  9. Have Cool, Will Travel
10. She-Wolf
11. Vortex
12. FFF 
Bonus Tracks
13. Trust [Spanish Version]
14. Evil That’s Within
15. Vortex [Alternate Version]
16. Bullprick
+ Format: CD
Price: £4.99

Megadeth Greatest Hits Artist Megadeth
Title Greatets Hits
Label capitol
  1. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
  2. In My Darkest Hour
  3. Peace Sells
  4. Sweating Bullets
  5. Angry Again
  6. A Tout Le Monde
  7. Trust
  8. Kill The King
  9. Symphony Of Destruction
10. Mechanix
11. Train Of Consequences
12. Wake Up Dead
13. Hangar 18
14. Dread And The Fugitive Mind
15. Skin O’ My Teeth
16. She-Wolf
17. Prince Of Darkness
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Megadeth Peace Sells But Who’s Buying? Artist Megadeth
Title Peace Sells But Who’s Buying?
Label capitol
  1. Wake Up Dead
  2. The Conjuring
  3. Peace Sells
  4. Devils Island
  5. Good Mourning / Black Friday
  6. Bad Omen
  7. I Ain’t Superstitous
  8. My Last Words Previously 
  Bonus Tracks
  9. Wake Up Dead
10. The Conjuring
11. Peace Sells
12. Good Mourning / Black Friday
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

Megadeth Risk Artist Megadeth
Title Risk
Label capitol
  1. Insomnia
  2. Prince Of Darkness
  3. Enter The Arena
  4. Crush ’Em
  5. Breadline
  6. The Doctor Is Calling
  7. I’ll Be There
  8. Wanderlust
  9. Ecstasy
 10. Seven
 11. Time: Te Beginning
 12. Time: The End Previously
Bonus Tracks
13. Insomnia [Jeff Balding Mix]
14. Breadline [Jack Joseph Puig Mix] #
15. Crush ’Em [Jock Mix]
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

Megadeth Rust in Peace Artist Megadeth
Title Rust In Peace
Label capitol
  1. Holy Wars .... The Punishment Due 
  2. Hangar 18
  3. Take No Prisoners
  4. Five Magics
  5. Poison Was The Cure
  6. Lucretia
  7. Tornado Of Souls
  8. Dawn Patrol
  9. Rust In Peace....Polaris 
  Bonus Tracks
10. My Creation
11. Rust In Peace ..... Polaris [Demo]
12. Holy Wars.....The Punishment Due [Demo]
13. Take No Prisoners [Demo]
+ Format: CD
Price: £4.99

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