Why? - Saul Williams

Why? - Eskimo Snow Artist Why?
Title Eskimo Snow
Label Tomlab
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Why? - Eskimo Snow (LP) Artist Why?
Title Eskimo Snow (LP)
Label Tomlab
+ Format: LP
Price: £12.99

Why? - Oaklandazulasylum Artist Why?
Title Oaklandazulasylum
Label Anticon
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

WHY? Almost Live From Elis Room Artist WHY?
Title Almost Live From Eli's Live Room
Almost Live From Eli’s Live Room was recorded and mixed by Eli Crews at N.I.R., Oakland, in late August 2008, and mastered by Thomas DiMuzio. The cover art is by David Phillip Madson. Studio versions of these songs can be heard on Alopecia, Elephant Eyelash, and the Sanddollars EP. Almost Live From Eli’s Live Room was recorded to document the band’s live arrangements for 2008 concerts, and sold on their recently-completed tour.  I guess they had some left over, which is WHY? we have it. GRAB IT WHILE YOU CAN!
+ Format: CD
Price: £10.99

WHY? Elephant Eyelash Artist WHY?
Title Elephant Eyelash
Label Anticon
  1. Crushed Bones
  2. Yo Yo Bye Bye
  3. Rubber Traits
  4. Hoofs
  5. Fall Saddles
  6. Gemini (Birthday Song)
  7. Waterfalls
  8. Sanddollars
  9. Speech Bubbles
10. Whispers Into The Other
11. Act Five
12. Light Leaves
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

WHY?Sanddollars Artist WHY?
Title Sanddollars
Label Anticon.
  1. Miss Ohio’s
  2. 500 Fingernails
  3. Sick 2 Think
  4. Sanddollars
  5. Vice Principal 
  6. Next Atlanta
  7. Pantone Cyan
  8. Mutant John
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.49

Wiley - Godfather Artist Wiley
Title Godfather
Fourteen years after debuting with the classic white label ‘Eskimo’ the legendary grime figurehead Wiley reaffirms his status as the pioneer of the genre with his album ‘Godfather’.
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Wiley - Race Against Time Artist Wiley
Title Race Against Time
Label Eskibeat
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

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